Keep hearing about PMF from your manager and you don’t know what it is? Among other things, PMF is Protocols Made Fun.

This is Igor Konnov’s blog about protocol specification, testing, and verification. Licensed under CC BY 4.0 :recycle:. You can find more details about me on My Webpage.

This site refers to and/or derives from small portions of code and/or examples from:

  • Apalache that was developed at TU Wien, Inria Nancy, Interchain Foundation, and Informal Systems. See the Apalache License == Apache 2.0 for details.

  • Quint that was developed at Informal Systems by:

    • Igor Konnov: Informal Systems (Austria) 2021-2023.
    • Shon Feder: Informal Systems (Canada), 2021-2023.
    • Gabriela Moreira: Informal Systems (Brazil), 2021-2023.
    • Jure Kukovec: Informal Systems (Austria) 2021-2023.
    • Thomas Pani: Informal Systems (Austria), 2022-2023.
    • For details, see the Quint License == Apache 2.0.